Building stronger financial futures for City of Allentown residents

Bank On Allentown works to connect everyone to safe and appropriate financial products and services.
Bank On Allentown is a collaboration between local banks and credit unions, Financial Literally Center of the Lehigh Valley, United Way Greater Lehigh Valley and the City of Allentown to ensure that all residents have the opportunity to be financially healthy. Together, we are working to connect people to safe, affordable, and certified banking accounts. Our members also offer services and educational resources that help empower people and families to improve their financial capability, health and independence.

Bank On National Account Standards

The CFE Fund’s Bank On National Account Standards provide local programs with a benchmark for account partnerships with financial institutions, and include both core and recommended features.

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CFE Fund Announces the Bank On National Account Standards for 2021-2022

Accounts certified as meeting these national Standards are already available in 99 of the largest 100 metro markets, and in 50 states and Washington, DC,

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The Present and Future of Bank On Account Data

A report by the CFE Fund and the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

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Our Coalition
Join us in connecting City of Allentown residents to better banking products and making our community a safer, more accessible place to bank.
Bank On Allentown members are working together to ensure that all households have access to safe and affordable bank accounts that meet their needs, allowing them to increase assets, and strengthen their financial stability.

Unbanked Households

US households are unbanked, without a checking or savings account.
Unbanked Households

Allentown households are underbanked, relying on fringe financial services.
Unbanked cost over a lifetime

due to the use of costly alternative financial services for routine financial transactions.
Our Partners

The City of Allentown

United Way of Greater Lehigh Valley

Financial Literacy Center of the Lehigh Valley

Representative Michael Schlossberg

Representative Peter Schweyer

ESSA Bank & Trust

First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union

First Northern Bank & Trust

GOLD Credit Union

People First Credit Union

Peoples Security Bank & Trust

QNB Bank

Santander Bank

TD Bank




These accounts do not allow overdraft or non-sufficient funds fees, so you’ll never be hit with a surprise fee.
Low Cost

Certified accounts are $5 or less per month, with no unpredictable fees.

Certified accounts always allow free deposits, free withdrawals, and free bill payments.